timeline for a traditional wedding

The timeline for a traditional wedding

Traditional weeding have never gone absolute, there is a certain charm to it, if you are planning to have a celebration that is traditional here is a brief timeline you can use

So you are dome with the ceremony and are ready to leave for the reception venue, you have your photographer shooting away and your guests make their way out to head over the reception venue. Cocktail hour marks the beginning of the reception once your guests get there.  You will have the waitstaff serve out the drinks and pass out the appretiserz that will get the guests chatting and in the mood. The users would also get everyone to their tables and wait for the bride and groom to make their entrance. The newlyweds in the mean time would form a receiving line at the entrance of the venue along with their parents to welcome everyone walking in.

After an hour of cocktail serving, it is time for the newly weds to make their grand entrance. You will have the coordinator having everyone seated and the couple is announced to the floor.  The couples of the parents are also introduced and the bride and groom make their way to the first dance.

The first dance is followed by the raising of the toast where the couple would thank everyone for being a part of the wedding. A member of the family in some cases would also say a small blessing for the couple. The best man and the maid of honor also raise the toast to the couple after which  the parents of the bride will then thank the guests for attending the party as well and invite everyone to the dinner spread.

As you enjoy your meal you will have the DJ or the band at the venue place some light music in the background as you mingle with each other. If it is a sit down meal you will have the wait staff do the rounds serving you and if the spread is a buffet you will have the DJ or the bandleader call your table to join the line.

It is time for the bride and groom to hit the floor and guests follow suite as well. You have the tossing od the bouquet, the giveaway centerpieces and also the garter toss during this time.  You will have the band play soft tunes during this time to get everyone on the floor.

We then proceed to the cake cutting just before an hour to the conclusion of the reception. The waitstaff would go around setting up the tables for the coffee along with desert.  The cutting of the cake also unofficially indicates that it is okay for the guest to leave anytime soon but keep in  mind to not have this too early as you would see folks making an early exit.

On cutting of the cake, the DJ will raise the tempo of the music and you will have many take to the floor before they windup for the day.  The last dance also takes place here as the couple makes their way for a last twirl soon after the coordinator will usher everyone to the outside where you can say your goodbyes to the couple and the family as you blow bubbles, light a few sparklers and toss petals at the couple.