The relationship between brides and blooms

The relationship between brides and blooms

Just like the dress and the cake, flowers are an essential part of any wedding, no matter the budget, venue, style or religion. Besides spreading their sweet fragrance, fresh flower arrangements lend a touch of colour, elegance and class to any event.

Depending on your personality and of course your budget (fresh flowers can prove to be a truly expensive affair), you can choose from a wide variety of blossoms. Sweet-smelling roses, cala lilies and orchids are by far the most loved flowersfor bouquets, corsages, and buttonholes, not just because of their meaning (roses as we all know signify love, joy, beauty; cala lilies and orchids signify elegance) but also because of their shelf-life. Tulips signify undying love, while lilies signify purity. Even the fillers used in bridal bouquets and other wedding day arrangements have deep meaning. Forget-me-nots stand for true love, baby’s breath and freesias represent innocence, and asters are a symbol of love, daintiness, contentment and unpredictability.

If you are particularly superstitious, keep away from yellow carnations and chrysanthemum as they stand for disappointment and rejection and jilted love, respectively. In the same manner, marigolds stand for grief and jealousy, while peonies represent shame. Most modern brides, however, do not really conform to these beliefs and go ahead and use peonies and mums in their floral arrangements. After all peonies, just like theranunculus (aka buttercups), are bright and gorgeous; and chrysanthemums (besides being really economical and long-lasting) are obtainable in almost every colour you can imagine from soft clouds of white to rich yellows and stunning pinks and purples.

Whatever you opt for, you can then tie in the rest of the décor using all or some of these blooms. From your table centerpieces to the flower girl’s pomanders and even the bridal party corsages, you can use these flourishes everywhere. What’s best is that since most flowers are available in almost every colour, you can choose something according to your colour scheme as well.

But before you even venture to do any of this, ask your local florist (you can of course enquire with more than one) for a quotation. Even if he/she cannot give you an exact amount, they should be able to get a ballpark figure. As said earlier, fresh blossoms, whether they are in season or not, can be awfully pricey. However, do not despair. If you do not feel that you can meet your florists’ tab, why not go in for some artificial arrangements. Some of these look just as real and will end up costing you less than half.

Another way to cut down on costs drastically if to craft your bouquet and a few floral arrangements yourself. If you’ve never done it before, just log on to you tube or any other service and see how it’s done. Then go out and buy a bunch of flowers, floral tape, floral wire, floral foam, etc and try wiring them together. It isn’t as difficult as it seems and if you do end up being successful, you will feel really proud to be holding one of your own creations up for everyone to see.

So whether you choose to go small (with just the bouquets) or big and extensive (with fresh flowers on every table, nook and corner), there is no doubt that fresh, fragrant buds and blooms will liven up your day like no other.