Pointers for wedding ceremony

A few pointers to help you with the wedding ceremony

The is a certain amount of prep required for the ceremony as there is a lot more to that ‘I do’. We put together a few yeses and no’s so that you can avoid any minor hic-ups

Getting to know that officiant ahead of time would have your ceremony have the personal touch and aunthencity. Giving the officiant a brief about yourself and your fiancé will also help him prepare a ceremony meant just for the two of you rather than a otherwise casual one. You could meet informally over a cup of coffee or even take-up his offer for premarital counseling.

Put thought in the location of the ceremony. Planning the ceremony in the close vicinity of the reception area will reduce travel time and logistics. The time saved can be used to get better photographs and even mingle with your guests instead of being in a hurry to get from one place to another.

Getting done with the pre-wedding to-do’s has a good chance to put you behind schedule thus you may not want your guests to be kept waiting. If you have the ceremony space for a limited time , you will have to request for an extension of at least 15 to 30 minutes just to be safe.

Outdoor venues require plenty of floral deco, in the process of providing you with an estimate the florist or decorator may simple go overboard with it. Decorating the aisles and alters are most important since its gets the most attention  than the other areas.

Having your guests comfortable is something you should focus on more than anything else as they would be able to relax and enjoy your ceremony which could set the tone of the day. You could add soft cushions to the pews and also check with the type of chairs that will be used well in advance. The space to between guests and chairs should have enough of room as well. Is the ceremony is at a warmer time of the day, have mini-bottles of water around, similarly if in cooler time of the year ensure that you have a small area that they could use just incase it gets too chilly.

Prepare the program well in advance as it would give you the time you need to make changes and trim it if you feel like it is getting lengthier.  Some couples today don’t plan a program and simply have a large board at the entrance with the info of the ceremony. The readings need to be planned in advance as well. Take the time to decide the right person for each role, you might not want to push someone to take it up in case they are not too comfortable in doing so. Having your traditions included in the ceremony to degree is recommended as you do not want your guests to feel like they are not included.

Lastly, if you are have an outdoor ceremony it is advisable to have an indoor alternative or a make shift set-up just in case the weather decides to turn bad.