Personalizing Your Big Day

Your Big Day Personalized: A few Ways you Can

Plenty of weddings have the same ways of planning often turning out to be un-original. We have put together a shortlist of ideas that add that small personal touches to your wedding so it does not fall in the regular category.

  • Add what you like to the day of the wedding. If you like to read have a books on the tables that would also act as a stand for the flowers. If you are crazy about chocolate you can find a way to blend little goodies of chocolate in your invites.
  • Having a two day wedding instead of one. You can have the ceremony in the setting sun of the evening and schedule the reception the following day making the settings for a relaxed evening
  • Your out of town guests would love to have ‘welcome packs’ personalized addressing each one with mentions of the flow of the ceremony and reception along with little gifts
  • If you guests will have to walk from the ceremony venue to the reception venue, you can hand out helium filled balloons matching your color scheme. They could carry these into the reception venue and could be a part of the grand entrance and first dance
  • Choose a cocktail that would be the signature drink for the event with a quirky name
  • Sway the traditional wedding car for alternative vehicles. You can have small entrouge of minis rented out in different colors
  • A nice decorative would be pictures of your immediate families wedding, it would a nice highlight and a conversation starter for your guests as well
  • Swap the traditional guestbook for alternates such as pottery items or image puzzles of you and your fiancé which they can piece together on a wall at the reception.
  • If you love your pets, you can have them be a part of the wedding as well. A cute bow on your dog and he could be all set to a part of the ring ceremony
  • You can also try 3D glasses as favours or even button badges that make attractive photo-shots with .
  • Make customized props for photos themed for the wedding. These could me simple call-outs or even shapes with funny words that your guests could use.
  • Paper Lanterns make a very beautiful decorative items. You would need at least a hundred to fill up space, add in a tiny LED and it would appear like its glowing in the dark
  • Instead of floral bouquet you can ask your florist to make a crown of flowers and corsages for the bridesmaids.
  • If you wedding is scheduled to go on for the entire day have little resting areas for your guests with water and cool towers, a bit of light music playing will also create a nice ambience
  • Hiring a comedian apart from the DJ and band would get people have a nice hearth laugh and get entertained as well
  • Have the best man host a short quiz on the two of you that guests could participate in answering
  • You can have the wedding arrive in style with a dim lights or even a spot light if possible alogn with the DJ playing a catchy tune as it is wheeled in