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Personalizing Your Big Day

Your Big Day Personalized: A few Ways you Can

Plenty of weddings have the same ways of planning often turning out to be un-original. We have put together a shortlist of ideas that add that small personal touches to your wedding so it does not fall in the regular category.

  • Add what you like to the day of the wedding. If you like to read have a books on the tables that would also act as a stand for the flowers. If you are crazy about chocolate you can find a way to blend little goodies of chocolate in your invites.
  • Having a two day wedding instead of one. You can have the ceremony in the setting sun of the evening and schedule the reception the following day making the settings for a relaxed evening
  • Your out of town guests would love to have ‘welcome packs’ personalized addressing each one with mentions of the flow of the ceremony and reception along with little gifts
  • If you guests will have to walk from the ceremony venue to the reception venue, you can hand out helium filled balloons matching your color scheme. They could carry these into the reception venue and could be a part of the grand entrance and first dance
  • Choose a cocktail that would be the signature drink for the event with a quirky name
  • Sway the traditional wedding car for alternative vehicles. You can have small entrouge of minis rented out in different colors
  • A nice decorative would be pictures of your immediate families wedding, it would a nice highlight and a conversation starter for your guests as well
  • Swap the traditional guestbook for alternates such as pottery items or image puzzles of you and your fiancé which they can piece together on a wall at the reception.
  • If you love your pets, you can have them be a part of the wedding as well. A cute bow on your dog and he could be all set to a part of the ring ceremony
  • You can also try 3D glasses as favours or even button badges that make attractive photo-shots with .
  • Make customized props for photos themed for the wedding. These could me simple call-outs or even shapes with funny words that your guests could use.
  • Paper Lanterns make a very beautiful decorative items. You would need at least a hundred to fill up space, add in a tiny LED and it would appear like its glowing in the dark
  • Instead of floral bouquet you can ask your florist to make a crown of flowers and corsages for the bridesmaids.
  • If you wedding is scheduled to go on for the entire day have little resting areas for your guests with water and cool towers, a bit of light music playing will also create a nice ambience
  • Hiring a comedian apart from the DJ and band would get people have a nice hearth laugh and get entertained as well
  • Have the best man host a short quiz on the two of you that guests could participate in answering
  • You can have the wedding arrive in style with a dim lights or even a spot light if possible alogn with the DJ playing a catchy tune as it is wheeled in
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Choosing the right colour scheme for your wedding

Although the right colours can make or break your special day, you don’t really need to hire a professional planner to choose a colour scheme that will work for you. From vibrant blues to forest greens to hot pinks and bright yellows, every imaginable colour or combination of colours is up for grabs.

While you can initially start off by browsing through the various color palettes on the internet, and choosing a few combinations that might work, the best way to settle on a final color would be by visiting your local store where you plan on making your purchases.

Now remember, even if you choose say purple, you will still have to decide what exact shade of purple you want. Are you interested in the rich, deep tones of royal purple or is lavender more up your alley. Would this be the sole color or would you like to have a combination of two, three or even four.
Your combos can vary from two or more shades of the same color (so lavender AND royal purple) to colors from the same family (purple and pink for example) to complete opposite but complementary color shades like a beautiful purple and gold combination.

Decide on how much material you will need beforehand by discussing the same with your designer and purchase a whole bundle at one go. You will never get the exact same shade of your chosen color at a later date as each lot will always slightly differ from the previous one, and especially more so if the color that you have settled on is a rare one, like say malachite (something between jade green and teal) for example or a brick red or a rust orange.
Then start working on everything else. From the cards to the venue décor to the flowers to the accessories, your color scheme will make itself evident everywhere thus tying up all your wedding pieces in one nice pretty package. No matter what color you have chosen, your printer will be able to create the same pantone on his computer. You can either choose to print on white card stock paper in your chosen color or go for colored paper itself.

Flowers should be no problem at all, as long as you aren’t extremely particular about the kind of flower. Roses for example do not come in purple, orchids do. But if your color scheme is yellow, you obviously cannot insist on orchids. Instead go for roses or fresh looking dahlias or even pretty little chrysanthemums.
In this way almost everything can be colored to match your color scheme. Just don’t go crazy and overboard, or it’ll just ruin everything.

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7 wedding day must-haves

7 wedding day must-haves


Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. Most brides spend over a year preparing for it, seeing to every little detail and décor piece, all in an attempt to make the day perfect. And while everyone knows of the essentials: a gorgeous white gown, pretty heels, a glittering tiara, a cloud-like veil and of, course a matching pair of gold bands, there are several other items every bride must have in her arsenal if she is to go through the day without any untoward occurrences. Here are the top seven.

  1. Make-up: Whether you have done your own make-up or had a specialist do the job for you, ensure that you have a similar shade of lipstick tucked into your purse for those quick touchups.
  2. Tissues: Whether your wedding day is particularly hot and humid or not, and especially if you decide to have an outdoorsy spring time wedding, stash a few tissues within easy reach to blot off those oily cheeks or nose that could ruin that perfect picture.
  3. An extra pair of flat or ballet shoes: Walking up and down the aisle, standing for the course of the ceremony and then posing for a million pictures, sure tires your feet pretty quickly. When this happens, just slip outta those killer heels and put on your “dancing shoes” so that you can have just as much fun as your guests. After all, it is the most happiest day of your life.
  4. Safety pins: How many times has a safety pin saved your ass? Like literally! Just imagine not having one nearby on this extremely important day. So before you leave the dressing room, pin a couple of safety pins (if not more) to the inside of your dress. You never know when you might need them.
  5. Bobby pins: Just like safety pins, bobby pins are extremely handy items to have on you, especially if you plan to rock an intricate updo. Use them to tuck away those stray curls and keep all your hair in place so that you don’t end up looking like a mess by the end of the day.
  6. Mouth freshener and dental floss: With all the kissing and wishing you’ll be doing, isn’t it advisable to have really fresh breath? Keep some Listerine or any other brand of freshener handy for when you need a quick nip. And don’t forget to floss. With all the cameras pointed at you, a cheery bright smile is all that’s needed.
  7. Deodorant or body spray: You will have so many people hugging you and kissing you that you will lose count. And despite all that hectic activity and the mindless dancing, the bride will need to be smelling fresh at all times. A quick spray and you are done.

Besides the above, many advise keeping a sewing kit handy. And a pair of nail clippers. And stain removers. The list is endless. And to each, of course, her own. So feel free to add items based on your personal requirements.

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Weddings On A Budget

Walking a tight rope budget for your wedding here’s how you can save

Trimming down the guests list

Keeping the guest list down to a tight number will reduce the math on cost per person. Food and drinks cost per head can be brought down according to the number of people attending the wedding.

Basic Style

You can reduce the cost of several items such as renting a car instead of a luxury limo or even limiting the floral deco. You can also have make shift items that you can re use at the ceremony as well as the reception

The Invites

You can opt for a rather less expensive type of paper quality and color. A two card with white background along with a gold print works as the standard invite for weddings. You can also reduce the cost of postage stamps by reducing bulky styles and decoratives.  Save the dates can be made by hiring a designer online and later having the, printed at the local stationary.

The Wedding Gown

You could try out alternates by looking at different fabric types. If you have plenty of time to the wedding day you can also look at season sales or look for designers online and even outside the country.  You can comfortably look at a 20% to 25% savings here.

The Grooms Tux

You can look at non-designer tuxes if you wish to reduce the cost on clothing for the groom.  Having the groomsmen also wear rentals and limited the count to a few helps.

Transportation options

Hire out a Lincoln instead of a limo if you are looking to cut back on transportation costs just for the bride and groom. You can also have the wedding carpool.

Flowers for the Wedding

Artificial flowers can be used instead of fresh flowers, you can also find vendors over the internet that have used similar colors that you are using to rent out.


Venue for the reception

A public venue such as a park or an isolated beach would mean that you will not have to spend on decorations of the place

Reception venue

There is nothing like planning a home wedding  if you are on a shoes string budget. Due to the limited number of guests you can space out everyone if you have open spaces around the house.

Food at the Wedding

Reduce the number of the dinner courses and keep the menu simple. You can stick to the traditional items and avoid the expensive ones.  Negotiate with the caterer on bringing your own alcohol and bring out the expensive champagne only for the toast and switch to a less expensive one for the rest of the event.

The Cake at the Wedding

Tiered cakes would be much expensive, stick to flavors that are basic, a fruit cake could do the trick. Have a separate cake cut for the guests.

DJ’s instead of a band

Bands generally would charge more than a DJ besides you have the DJ play at the ceremomeny as well as the reception. Going with a karaoke DJ will also help if you have friends and relatives that could take over the mike


Don’t skip the video for the wedding instead have the videographer cover just the ceremony. Inform the videographer that complicated editing wont be required.  If he is charging you by the hour you can split the time between and ceremony and reception.


Hire just a single shooter for the ceremony and reception and keep the post production process to little or no editing to limiting the number of prints.

Rings for the Wedding

You can opt for silver rings and later upgrade to platinum.

Honey Moon Costs

Keeping you honeymoon dates flexible would mean better discounts and offers can be found. Searching the internet on travel deals can reduce your costs to 20%-25%.





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