Mistakes you can avoid

Mistakes you can avoid while you plan your wedding

Just getting started with planning your wedding, here are a few mistakes you can avoid

Go about planning a wedding can be a daunting task, sometime more than often we tend to make little mistakes in a rush to put everything together.  These wedding planning tips will help you put everything together minimizing the room for error.

The guest list first and the venue later

Wedding venues fill fast during the wedding season and having one booked should be a priority. Whether indoor or outdoor, having a ballpark figure on the head count of your guests for the big day will give you to a better idea whether the crowd would be comfortable at the particular venue.  You do not want your guests to be cramped up in a tight space or in a tight make shit seating at the same time you wouldn’t want to have lots of unused space that you will be paying for

Picking your Bridal Party too early

Do away with the obligations and choose the people you would want to stand beside you on your big day. There always exists these social pressures to pick people buy eventually people understand that it is your day and you would like to choose people close to you. So take all the time you need to ask rather than regret once you have

The Plus One Policy

People do not like the sometime attend weddings all by themselves, especially if they are in a relationship.  Your single groomsmen and bridesmaids should also be give the option to have their dates at the wedding.

Posting your Invites

Inviting your guests giving them sufficient amount of time to plan or arrangements to travel would give everyone the room they need to get to the wedding. If you posting you invites, take it to the post office and have it weighed in before you drop it in the mail.  If you are unsure of the physical address you could drop them a e-mail or a text message mentioning the same.

Dealing with Vendor Contracts

Take the time to read through in detail as wedding are an expensive affair and if you are not aware of the details within them you can be stranded or even lose your advance. If you feel that you cant do it as a lawyer friend or even your parents to have a look.

Going overboard with Pinterest

Well, Pinterest looks great and yes you have created this exiting wall of pins that you look forward to replicating for your wedding. You have to keep in mind that a few are practical enough to pull-off and many are simply unrealistic. Going overboard with DIY’s might lead to disappoints at the end.

Flower Spending

You will have to perform a balancing act here as your florist will love to give you the best of everthing there is, but you will have to check for the details such as the seasonality of the flowers and the alternatives to it  and even visiting the venue a couple of times with the florist before she provides you a estimate for her services

Bar Drinks

All a few couples may not afford an open bar that lasts all night, having alternatives just in case you cant is a good option to have.  Having access to a cash bar would mean that your guests can get a drink if they need too.

Forgetting about the thank-you’s

You might have to resume work once you get back from your honeymoon or get caught with other commitments so starting out early on the thank-you would mean that you can simply drop them in the mail after the wedding.