Decadence at its best

Decadence at its best

Eggs, flour, butter and a dash of baking soda are all you need to create the most delicious desert known to mankind. Cake! Decadent, flavourful, rich and creamy, cakes are pretty hard to resist. Cover it in a beautifully-glossy layer of icing and you have something truly marvelous.

From deep, dark chocolate cakes to playful ribbon cakes and to hazelnut and angel food, wedding cakes come in aa wide variety of flavours. Pair them with the right frosting and you will have a match made in heaven. Literally! Popular choices are sponge cake with lemon frosting to keep things light, champagne with vanilla bean and chocolate to keep things elegant and a rum and fruit cake with royal icing if you are looking at the traditional. Other innovative flavours to choose from are caramelized vanilla cake with salted caramel buttercream, almond cake filled with ganache or raspberry buttercream, ginger spice with vanilla bean icing, red velvet with cream cheese, Italian meringue with hazelnut, pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling, … the list is endless.

Ask your cake shop to pick a few options for you depending on your theme and the style you are looking for and then arrange for a tasting.

Wedding cakes also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While the three-tier round shape (which symbolises the cyclical nature of life) is the most common one, the square is considered the most trendy. And you do not have to stick to the traditional three-tier concept either. Instead why not opt for a two-tier or even a single mini cake? Or how about multiple tiers of cupcakes that your guests can conveniently enjoy or even cake pops?

And if the groom is particularly insistent about including his preferences, why not go in for a groom’s cake. It can be fun and themed and something that can be cut and served during the rehearsal dinner.

Yet another way to personalize your wedding cake to make it truly unique is its décor. From the colour to the style to the elements used, everything can be personalized to suit your tastes and wedding setting. Remember, the simpler the cake, the cheaper it will be so keep this in mind when discussing how elaborate the cake should look. Communicate with the chef and ask him/her if they could draw up an image of the cake. Depending on the season, the theme and the venue, choose from fresh flowers to sugar paste décor, to pulled sugar.

And don’t forget to individualize your cake topper. While most couples opt for a bridal couple made out of sugar paste or other material, going the monogram way is quite hip and all the rage. A fresh flower cluster on the top or a cascade of gum paste flowers is also very fresh and appealing. Using other items like intertwined hearts, or some vintage piece from your parents’ wedding is also a good idea. Many modern brides, however, opt for no wedding topper at all, choosing instead to keep things simple with clean lines and smooth finishes.

Whatever you decide to do, your wedding day is definitely one when you can have your cake and eat it too. So go on, dig in and relish.