Choosing the right colour scheme for your wedding

Although the right colours can make or break your special day, you don’t really need to hire a professional planner to choose a colour scheme that will work for you. From vibrant blues to forest greens to hot pinks and bright yellows, every imaginable colour or combination of colours is up for grabs.

While you can initially start off by browsing through the various color palettes on the internet, and choosing a few combinations that might work, the best way to settle on a final color would be by visiting your local store where you plan on making your purchases.

Now remember, even if you choose say purple, you will still have to decide what exact shade of purple you want. Are you interested in the rich, deep tones of royal purple or is lavender more up your alley. Would this be the sole color or would you like to have a combination of two, three or even four.
Your combos can vary from two or more shades of the same color (so lavender AND royal purple) to colors from the same family (purple and pink for example) to complete opposite but complementary color shades like a beautiful purple and gold combination.

Decide on how much material you will need beforehand by discussing the same with your designer and purchase a whole bundle at one go. You will never get the exact same shade of your chosen color at a later date as each lot will always slightly differ from the previous one, and especially more so if the color that you have settled on is a rare one, like say malachite (something between jade green and teal) for example or a brick red or a rust orange.
Then start working on everything else. From the cards to the venue décor to the flowers to the accessories, your color scheme will make itself evident everywhere thus tying up all your wedding pieces in one nice pretty package. No matter what color you have chosen, your printer will be able to create the same pantone on his computer. You can either choose to print on white card stock paper in your chosen color or go for colored paper itself.

Flowers should be no problem at all, as long as you aren’t extremely particular about the kind of flower. Roses for example do not come in purple, orchids do. But if your color scheme is yellow, you obviously cannot insist on orchids. Instead go for roses or fresh looking dahlias or even pretty little chrysanthemums.
In this way almost everything can be colored to match your color scheme. Just don’t go crazy and overboard, or it’ll just ruin everything.